The Flying Dutchman Virtual Events Exprience

Armed with more than a decade's worth of experience, we're happy to announce the launch of our new virtual events service. Whether it's a seminar, awards ceremony, client appreciation session, team bonding activity, birthday celebration... we've got you covered. Keep that sparkle in life and connect with your clients, colleagues, friends and family virtually. 

Embracing the New Norm

Think outside the box and create experiences that are different and never before done. Connect with virtually anyone! Reach out to more individuals that you never could before, and make the best use of this period. 

Basic Virtual Corporate Event Package
(Awards, Meetings, Seminars, Conferences…)

Inclusive of: 

  • Event Management (3 Dedicated Event Planners)

  • Professional Emcee

  • Customised Designs (E-Invite, Virtual Background, Deck Background)

  • Platform User Video Guide




(min. 40 pax)

supported platforms

Basic Virtual Party Package
(Team Bonding Activities, Birthday Celebrations, Themed Parties…)


Inclusive of: 

  • Event Management (2 Dedicated Event Planners)

  • Professional Emcee

  • Customized Designs (E-invite, Virtual Background )

  • 2 Pre-Event Reception Activities

  • 3 Event Games


(min. 25 pax)



music video

Up to 1 min, for the

first 10 clients only)

Terms & Conditions Apply

All rates are subject to 7% Gst

Enhance your experience with these add-ons

  • Customized Interface System 

  • Controlled Technical Output

  • Unique Log-In Link 

  • High Quality Recording

  • Technical Care Package 

  • Troubleshooting Support

  • Registration Management

  • Live Entertainment

  • Celebrity Host

  • Themed Party Kit

  • 5-Star F&B 

  • Cocktails

prices will be quoted accordingly

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