Mark van Cuylenburg, also well known to peer and fans as The Flying Dutchman (or affectionately, FD), brings his veteran entertainer expertise to his namesake company, giving it an edge few others can match.

With an entertainment career spanning 40 years, Mark knows what it takes to captivate a loyal audience. He has had countless experiences that have finely shaped his understanding of the events market - what works, what doesn't and what makes people go "Wow". He channels this into TFD, driving his team to create events that are new and challenge creativity, and provide impactful experiences for clients. 

Adeline Seah

Associate Director of Events

Caroline Yakop-Lim

Marketing Director

Jason Koon

Creative Manager

SUzanna Tan

Events Manager

Michelle seow

Artiste Manager

Emmalyne pang

Marketing Manager

Tabitha Chew

Events Manager

Eileen Goh

General Manager

Pei-Yen Leong

Social Events Manager

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